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We help businesses improve, transfer, grow, sell and buy through exit strategies, mergers and acquisitions, growth capital and value enhancement.

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A Targeted Approach

Keep Your

Point North provides growth capital when the banks won’t lend. As partners and stakeholders, we accelerate business growth so you can take the strategic risks necessary to become best in class.

We assess your business growth options, galvanize your staff and service professionals to develop a growth culture, and provide financial support. What you started with a bang should not end in a whimper.

Mergers and Acquisitions Experts

Teaming up with Point North means working with an experienced change agent who drove double digit profits and growth in his own company, transforming a family firm into a national benchmark middle market firm. Our principals handle buy side and sell side transactions. Buying a business to enhance enterprise value? Want to sell when you want for the price you want? Choose experienced, confidential, and ethical professionals to handle mergers and acquisitions.

The elephant in the room is your friend.

No one wants to talk about the five D’s that lead to involuntary exits: death, divorce, disability, distress, and disagreement. Yet 50% of exits result from these events. If you are among the lucky 50% of owners who exit on their own time, on their own terms, exit strategies define your terms and empower you to make that exit a reality. As for the other 50%, well: let’s train the elephant to work on your behalf.


80-90% of an owner’s wealth is locked up in the business.


50% of exits are not voluntary, but due to unforeseen circumstance.


Over 70% of businesses
fail to sell.


75% of owners deeply regret exiting within a year of transitioning ownership.


Just 30% of second generation businesses succeed.