4.5 Million Businesses Worth Over $10 Trillion

That’s the wealth represented by businesses poised to transition within the next 5-10 years. Boomer Business Owners hold nearly two-thirds of the six million private enterprises on the market. More and more executives plan on transferring ownership in the not-so-distant future. The result? An explosion of unsold businesses: over 70% of businesses fail to sell, and the market is only going to become more saturated.

189K Businesses 5 Years Ago (2011)
289K Businesses Today (2016)
535K Businesses 5 Years From Now (2021)

“I’m not quitting any time soon. I’ll think about exit strategies in a few years.”

Creating a growth culture includes planning for the unexpected. You want your business to grow now, and you want your wealth to support your lifestyle into the future. Exit strategies are simply good business strategy. Don’t dread change, embrace it and make it fun.


More than 50% of
exits are involuntary.


75% of business owners
regret exiting one year after transferring their business.

“I’m really busy with daily operations. I don’t have time to think about exit strategies.”

The Certified Exit Planning Advisor at Point North gets it. He’s been there, having aggressively grown his company for 15 years before altering course. He hasn’t forgotten the late nights, working weekends, and competing priorities. Make time to think about it with an advisor who’s been in your shoes.

“I want to choose the right path for my business, my employees, my company’s stakeholders, and my family.”

To sustain your legacy and your standard of living, you need TransferAbility. Start by taking a Readiness Assessment to benchmark current conditions, identify areas of risk, and determine actions to improve your business valuation.


70% of second generation businesses fail.


80-90% of an owner’s wealth is locked up in the business.

Are you ready for the biggest financial event of your life?

Tax liability, transaction fees, wealth management, estate planning, stakeholder relationship-building, succession, and life after business ownership: exit strategies factor in all of these variables. Point North walks you through your options to optimize your outcomes. Whether you’re ready to move on from your current role or fully prepared to stay on for years to come, you can benefit from growth strategies to improve financial outcomes. Work with Point North to strategically plan and execute 90-day sprints, one-year direction, and three-year capability development for your business.